Kens' Engine Pictures

The main aim of this site was to show in pictorial form, the re-build of a tank cooled Lister 'A' that was purchased as a bag of bits (basket case) and the problems encountered getting a Bentall Pioneer running that had been laid up for a good long time. Not very good video of it running here (11.2 mb) had a lot of problems with the sun. It has since been connected up to a mill (and video).

New 2009

Next thing I 'rescued' was a metal hand cart with a Lister 'B' and sludge pump mounted on it, made by Lee Howl.

Not everyone in this 'game' is honest!, Novel bearing material.

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A link to a picture showing the flyer that comes with stuff ordered from Frank Gelder "Franks Tanks". He tells me the list is by no means exhaustive, you need to phone really; by the way he doesn't do E-mail or Text. If it's a stainless steel exhaust pot you want "Stan the Man" will sort you out. No, these are not my dad/brother/uncle, nothing to do with me - just found they did some handy bits. New bearings for the pump came from "Fiveways Belts & Bearings", they said 'we get a lot of the vintage boys in here'.

Risky Business